Current Weather Conditions. Station Located 2 miles NW of Beaver Dam, WI.
Elev. 888.7 ft. 43 30' 10" N. 88 51' 42" W.  Updated 1/19/2019 at 12:35 PM
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13° F.  Windchill: 3° F.
13.1° F. at 12:00 AM
7.0° F. at 8:18 AM
30.11 in. Falling slowly
NE 7 mph
14.0 mph
20 mph at 12:03 AM
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1.18 in.
1.18 in.
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Moto Guzzi Swingin' Pinbusters Beaver Dam, WI Forecast

Relays for Late Model Guzzis
Front Brake Switches
Magnetic Reed Switches
Cal 1100i Electrical Schematic
Cal 1100i Electrical Schematic
Megacycle Cam Specs
P7-P8 EFI Workshop Manual
Trailer Hitch Plan A
Trailer Hitch Mount
Trailer Hitch Plan B


2003 Fall Crud Run
2003 MN Guzzi Rally
2003 MOKAN Guzzi Rally
'71-'72 "Cycle" Mag Scans
2004 MN Moto Guzzi Rally
2004 MOKAN Guzzi Rally
2004 Fall Crud Run
2004 Christmas Party
2005 IL Moto Guzzi Rally
2005 Skunk Rally
2005 IA Moto Guzzi Rally
2005 & 2009 MN Moto Guzzi Rally
2009 Skunk Rally

Ordering Info, Specs, Data
Ordering Info, Specs, Data
Ordering Info, Specs, Data
204 kb pdf 11" x 17"
205 kb pdf as 2-8" x 11" pages
134 kb pdf
1.9 mb pdf
53 kb pdf
32 kb pdf
39 kb pdf

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I win the distinguished "Cheap Bastard" award from Zioe Co's Saul Vaca

2008 Beaver Dam, WI Flood

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