1. Will your relays fit the Breva, Griso, Norge and other newer models?
No. The relays we supply fit only the spine frame Sport models and 1994+ Tonti frame models.
2. Why do the oem Siemens V23073 relays fail?
Theory A: These relays do not withstand vibration well. When closed, the points bounce open and when open, they bounce closed. The resulting arcing causes the points to pit and burn.
Theory B: With no diode, resistor or capacitor across the V23073's coil, its magnetic field raises havoc attempting to dissipate when the relay is de-energized. Relays with a resistor across the coil leads are far less prone to fail than the V23073. All of the other relays mentioned here have such a resistor.
3. My bike has some Bosch 0-332-207-307 and/or Siemens V23074 and/or the Tyco relays. What about these?
Failures of the Bosch and Siemens V23074 relays are few and far between. We suggest you leave them in if they are working. Exception: If you have a Sport model where the starter relay doubles as the headlight relay, we recommend that you at least replace that relay with the higher rated GEI.
4. Some of my relays have only 4 terminals. Will your relays work?
The 4 terminal relays lack the 87a terminal. If your socket will accept a 5 terminal relay, our relays will work. Note that you can swap a 5 terminal relay into a socket that contained a 4 terminal relay, but not necessarily the opposite. We recommend installing 5 terminal relays in all the sockets to maximize your swap options in case of emergency.
5. I am uncomfortable with Chinese products for religious, political or moral reasons. Why are you supporting China?
We conducted an extensive search for the most robust relay we could find regardless of price or the country of origin. If you are aware of a another similarly robust relay, by all means, let us know and we will investigate.
6. Your Web site lists prices for the USA. I live elsewhere. Will you ship to me?
Sure. The prices will be higher due to the additional shipping expense. For example, the price of 4 relays shipped to Great Britain is about $12.00 more than the USA prices shown.
7. How do you ship?
All relays shipped to the USA go First Class mail and normally arrive within 4 days. Relays shipped elsewhere go via Air Mail and normally arrive within 1 week (UK) to 2 weeks (AU, CA) weeks to perhaps never (IT, SA).
8. How do I pay for the relays?
PayPal is best for those outside the USA. Either PayPay or personal check for those in the USA.
9. I need new relays ASAP. Will I have no wait for my check to clear?
NO! E-mail us and we will ship immediately.
10. I can get relays elsewhere. Got any advice?
Make sure any relay you install does not have an internal protective diode. These relays expect coil terminal 86 to be positive and terminal 85 to be negative. Some Guzzi relay sockets are wired the opposite. Installing a relay with a protective diode in these sockets will cause fuses to blow! We do recommend relays with an internal protective resistor. A relay with no diode and no resistor, e.g., Siemens V23073, can be used for the fuel pump and ECU relays on some late model Guzzis because a protective diode is hard wired into the bike's harness.
11. I bought a relay from you and it failed. Now what?
Every relay we sell is guaranteed forever. We will replace a failed relay with whatever brand/model we are currently hawking.