Saul Leonardo Vaca
aka okdmcom
Registered Agent - Zioe Co. LLC., dba Zioe Media
509 NE 21th Street
Moore, Oklahoma 73160


Zioe put a DSL modem up on an auction site. There were 4 bids. I was high at $5.50 at the auction close on April 7, 2008. Shipping was an additional $6.59 via USPS Priority Mail. Within minutes of the closing, I sent $12.09 to Zioe via PayPal. I was mindful of Zioe's lukewarm seller ratings:

- Product said minor scratches and wear and tear but that was not accurate
- slow deliver...
- Super slow shipping, but good product....C-


April 9, 2008
Kindly advise shipping date.

April 12, 2008
What's up? When was the modem shipped?

April 14, 2008
3-5 shipping waiting period to prevent fraudulent payments in order for fund to clear the bank, is scheduled to ship within today or tomorrow at the latest
Thank you

April 14, 2008
You were paid April 7 via PayPal!!! It is now April 14th and you have not shipped it yet!!??
If you have a delayed shipping policy, then say so in your auction, especially if the payment is thru PayPal. Sheesh.

April 14, 2008
If you dont want the item, please let me know and ill issue you a refund. Item is ready to ship but will hold on to shipping it until you let me know.

April 14, 2008
I bid on it and paid for it because I want it. Ship it!

April 18, 2008
You have had my money since April 7 - 11 days and I still have no modem. What is the problem?

April 21, 2008
Your Item Not Received dispute for the payment you sent to Zioe Co. LLC on Apr 7, 2008 (Transaction ******) is now open.

April 23, 2008
You have chosen to escalate your dispute to a PayPal claim.

April 25, 2008
Dan you can go fuck yourself. The item was lost, and is obviously one of a kind and I do not have more to resend another one you stupid dumb ass, i issued you full refund of your few dollars. Cheap asshole, go pay full retail price if you want to be picky and demand shit just because you paid someone $5 bucks. this isnt Walmart and I dont have deal with your shit.

I issued a full refund in good faith that you will be happy since the item was lost. NEXT TIME, PAY FUCKING INSURANCE YOU CHEAP BASTARD!

I left you a negative feedback along with a go fuck yourself!

April 25, 2008
You put the item up for auction. I was the high bidder. Not sure what your beef is about the price, I should have bid higher!? It was *your* responsibility to ship the item. Had you shipped UPS, you could have proved you shipped and the item would have been insured. Finally, you responded only after I complained to PayPal 3 weeks later.

April 27, 2008
You got your money back, what the fuck more do you want, you dipshit!

April 27, 2008
Good luck in the future Saul. Perhaps you will be blessed with maturity and an increased vocabulary. It's tough to accomplish much with derision and abusive name-calling.

May 8, 2008
We are contacting you about the following item: Speedstream 5100 DSL Modem (#140220476063)
The seller, okdmcom tells us you have mutually agreed not to complete the transaction (e.g. because you returned or are returning the item for a refund or because there was a misunderstanding) and has requested a credit for their eBay fees.
Please respond by May-15-2008 so eBay knows whether you have made this agreement.
Please note: Both you and the seller will still be able to leave feedback for each other regarding this transaction.
Thank you,

May 8, 2008
Despite being paid via PayPal instantly, seller refused to ship. After I complained to PayPal, he claimed that the item was "lost", send me 2 obscenity laced emails, and left retaliatory negative untruthful feedback. I have made no agreements with this individual and under the circumstances, am not likely to.

May 8, 2008
The Unpaid Item dispute has been closed for the following reason:
Buyer rejected the transaction withdrawal.


NEGATIVE: Hidden/undisclosed shipping policy, poor communication, refused to ship.

NEGATIVE: ur item was lost & issued full refund, What more do you want?
Follow-up: Sellers be aware of this person, Nasty attitude and negative feedback friendly

Reply: <Sigh!> Caveat Emptor.

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Documents filed in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma District Court case No. FD-2007-1369:

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From the Bimmerforums:

Anyone know a Saul Vaca he works at zioe media in OK city
I bought two Audi S4 rims from him on ebay, sent payment for $121.35, $50 of that being shipping charges then he tells me its going to be an additonal $49 to ship them. But he offers me a refund, I tell him I'll take a refund and since then I haven't heared anything and that was a good two weeks any more info would help...

I just got a message from paypal, they ruled in my favor and they were able to recover all the money!!! Thanks for all your help, got to love the bimmerforums community...