Q. Our Team can't bowl next week. Who do we notify?
A. Notify the team that you are scheduled to bowl at least 24 hours before the scheduled match. Remember that you only need 2 members of your team present in order to bowl. If you can not contact a member of the other team, notify the Secretary-Treasurer by e-mail or by phone 887-3128. Except in emergencies, failure to notify someone in advance will result in your team forfeiting all points.
Q. I bowled well last time. Why wasn't my name on the radio or in the newspaper?
A. The radio station and newspaper get this list - what they do with it is up to them. Here is the criteria for the list:
1. Bowl a 600 series or a 200 game.
2. Be a woman and bowl a 500 series.
3. Be a man and bowl 50 pins over your series average or 30 pins over your game average.
4. Be a woman and bowl 40 pins over your series average or 20 pins over your game average.
5. Bowl a triplicate or pick up a 7-10 split.
6. Bribe the Secretary/Treasurer.
Q. Why were the wins & losses in the newspaper different from when we bowled?
A. The most common reason is that the wrong handicap was used. The handicap printed on the score sheet is based on the averages of the first 4 bowlers on your roster. You must manually recalculate the handicap if others on your roster bowl. The second most common reason is a math error. Another possibility is that the team you bowled made up a game they missed and their averages changed. That could change their handicap and affect the results of your games if the scores were close.
Q. Why did our wins/losses total suddenly and inexplicably change?
A. More than likely, some other team made up a match they missed against you.
Q. We didn't bowl. Why did we lose all the match points?
A. My policy is to record a forfeit for an absent team until you make up the match, at which time the match results will be determined and the league standings updated accordingly.
Q. How do we calculate our handicap?
A. Subtract the sum of the averages of those bowling from 725.
Q. We have only 2 or 3 bowlers present. Now what?
A. The scores for the missing bowler(s) are their averages less 10%. If there are several other bowlers on your roster, use the one with the most games. If 2 bowlers have the same number of games, use the one with the lowest average. Compute the handicap in the same manner as if the absent bowlers were present.
Q. Only 2 of our bowlers will be present for a scheduled match. Can the other 2 make up the games they missed?
A. Yes, they can bowl either before or after the scheduled match so long as they do so before the next scheduled match.
Q. Our team can't make it next week. Can we pre-bowl?
A. Yes.
Q. Our team was absent. How much time do we have to make up the matches we missed?
A. You must bowl the make up games before the next scheduled match.
Q. Can we pre-bowl or bowl make up games in Horicon or Juneau?
A. No. All games must be bowled at Tower Lanes. Be sure to tell the proprietor that you are bowling a league makeup or pre-bowl. You should not be charged for bowling because you pay the league for those matches as with all others.
Q. Our kids are cute and well behaved. Can they be down on the floor with us?
A. No! Only league bowlers may be on the floor. Your cute well behaved kids belong with the other spectators or at home with the baby-sitter.
Q. The lanes are sticky. Can I put talcum powder on my shoes?
A. No! Never! There is no quicker way to encourage the wrath of the proprietor and fellow bowlers.
Q. What is the "sponsor fee"?
A. The sponsor fee pays the secretary-treasurer's salary. If your team has a sponsor and the sponsor pays the fee, great. If not, you'll have to pay it yourself. The "sponsor fee" is $20 per year and must be paid within 30 days of the start of the season. See League Rules #5 and #7.
Q. I think the rules in this league suck.
A. The rules are set each year prior to bowling at the Fall league meeting. Your input is welcome, encouraged and appreciated at that time.
Q. I think the officers in this league suck.
A. The officers are elected each year at the conclusion of bowling at the Spring league meeting. Your input is welcome, encouraged and appreciated at that time.