2019-2020 LEAGUE RULES

1. GENERAL: The Swingin’ Pinbusters bowling league shall be sanctioned with the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) and shall conduct all league activities in accordance with USBC terms, conditions and rules.
2. RULES: League Rules shall be as stated in the current version of USBC Playing Rules except as specifically provided herein.
3. The League shall consist of a maximum of 16 teams with a playing strength of 2 men and 2 women. The league schedule will be determined at the Fall League meeting. The League will bowl every other Saturday night at 6:45 P.M. for 16 weeks.
4. SECRETARY FEE: Each team shall pay a $20.00 secretary fee within 30 days after the start of the schedule. Matches shall be forfeited by any team whose members are not current in league fee payments.
5. BOWLING FEE: The bowling fee shall be $13.00 per person of which $11.00 will cover the lane fee and $2.00 will be deposited in the league treasury. Failure to pay bowling fees before the scheduled match shall result in a forfeiture of the event for which fees are delinquent except in emergencies.
6. SALARIES: The secretary-treasurer salary shall be the total amount of the secretary fees.
7. LEAGUE FUNDS: The secretary-treasurer must deposit league funds in a bank, savings bank or credit union. The league league president shall oversee all financial transactions.
8. PRIZES: The secretary-treasurer shall prepare the prize distribution list as soon as the total funds in the league treasury at the end of the season can be ascertained. Prizes shall be awarded for team placement standings only. The prize for any placement position shall differ from the position above or below by no more than $5.00.
9. ENTERING AVERAGES: Bowlers shall use last year's final average in this league for the first 2 nights of bowling, thus establishing a new average after 6 games. A bowler with no average in this league last year based on at least 21 games must use his or her highest published Beaver Dam Association average. A bowler with no published average establishes an average after the first night of bowling (3 games).
10. HANDICAP: The team handicap allowance shall be the difference between 725 and the sum of the bowlers' individual averages.
11. SUBSTITUTES: Each team will be allowed unlimited substitutes. The League allows roving substitutes.
12. LEGAL LINEUP: Any two members of a team’s roster constitute a legal lineup. A legal lineup must be present at the start of any game or it will be forfeited.
13. SCORING: The league shall use a 7 point scoring system with 2 points for each game and 1 point for total pins.
14. ABSENTEE AND VACANCY SCORES: The absentee score shall be the missing bowler's average less 10%. [Note that if an absentee bowler has no qualifying average, USBC Rule 105e3 requires that a score of 120 be used]
15. POSTPONEMENTS: The team captain must notify the opposing team captain at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled match except in emergencies. All make-up games shall be bowled before the next scheduled match.
16. BOWLING UNOPPOSED: Provided that a legal lineup (see Rule 12) is present, the League will permit bowling unopposed in advance of or after a regularly scheduled match. The League allows part of a team to bowl at the regularly scheduled time, and part to pre-bowl or post-bowl. The scores shall count in deciding League standings. Score sheets, including the automated sheet from Tower Lanes, shall be placed in the league’s standing display window.
17. TARDY BOWLERS: If a bowler arrives later than the 4th frame of any game, he may not bowl that game and his or her absentee score shall be used.
18. PLAYOFFS: In case of a tie for first place, the two teams shall bowl an additional game. The winner of this game will be league champion.
19. POSITION ROUND: The League secretary will schedule a position round or rounds when the final number of teams is known after consultation with team captains.
20. PACERS: Pacers shall be allowed to bowl in place of an absentee bowler but their scores do not count for any purpose.
21. PHANTOM TEAM: In the event the league consists of an odd number of teams, a phantom team will be included in the schedule. A team bowling against the phantom must bowl 90% of its average in order to win the match.
22. The purpose of this league is to have fun. Please do so.