Cherry DC1
Moto Guzzi Front Brake Light Switch

The Cherry (now ZF Electronics) DC1 is the OEM Moto Guzzi front brake light switch for most 1994+ models (Part #30749860). It is also used on the BMW F650 and some Ducati, Laverda and Aprilia models. While many off-the-shelf micro switches will "work", this is a robust waterproof and dustproof sealed switch that seldom fails. The Guzzi OEM switch does not have the center terminal and we recommend that you either cut off the center terminal or insulate it to avoid an inadvertent short circuit. The mounting position is critical in Guzzi applications. To adjust, loosen the mounting bolts and adjust the position of the switch until the brake light goes out. Then tighten the bolts. If you remove the switch, be careful not to lose the tiny ball that fits between the brake lever and the button on the switch! Note that pushing the button turns the brake light off.

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